Our Firms

Gwalior Trading Corporation

Gwalior Trading Corporation is a trading firm dealing in wholesale supply of feed raw material(mainly De-oiled/oiled cakes) across the country and abroad.Gwalior Trading Corporation was established in 2005 with a mission to find sources of raw material for cattle, poultry(animal) and aqua feed, which are unadulterated and nutritious for consumption. While market was flooded with various low priced commodities mixed with harmful synthetic material, Sand,Silica and other toxic substances, we were committed towards healthy nutrition. After time and effort, we were able to find and develop sources to provide our customers with purest of material and high nutrition value. Our effort was alsowas not to vain as we were soon recognised as a trusted supplier in Feed industries, supplying major feed manufacturers and Government co-operatives in Southern part of India with our Branches at Erode(TN), Morena(MP), Gudivada(AP) and Head office at Gwalior (MP). We still continuously work towards finding and effective cost effective markets through which we can source and steadily supply at best price possible.

M/S Anand Prakash Satish Kumar​

Established in the year 1985, with a small capital and sheer will, Anand Prakash Satish Kumar now deals in wholesale supply of food grains PAN India. APSK has become a reliable name among farmers and retailers. With strong network across the country we are able to procure agri commodities, such as, grains, oil seeds and edible oils. Robust supply chain with network of transporters, warehouses and procurement relations at multiple locations, we are proud in maximum execution of contracts. Reliability and trust being the heart of all our firms, our real assets are not monetary but the faith and confidence that we have built up with our working partners.

M/S Nutrico Agro-culture LLP​

Established in 2021, Nutrico Agro-Culture LLP is aimed at finding, researching and working with non-conventional sources of food. Whether it be animal feed or human commodity, Nutrico’s aim is to provide with shortages of nutrition with alternate commodities which can provide better quality of fulfilment. Currently working with alternate sources of emulsifiers(lecithins) and protein fulfilment.

Shree Ramdas Maharaj Industies LLP​

Established in 2022 in partnership with well-experienced people in the field of processing and manufacturing of agro commodities. SRMI LLP will be working in manufacturing and processing of agro commodities in a sustainable and hygienic environment.